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Get Crystal Clear Views

Not only do homes often have a number of windows to clean, but they can also be very hard to reach. As part of our all-inclusive commercial and domestic cleaning services, we specialise in window cleaning in Cape Town and surrounds.

How Does It Work?

The WFPS system works by pumping Pure Water through a hose reel, through a collapsible Water Fed Pole and through jets in the brush at the top of the pole, where it is sprayed directly onto the glass. The brush makes contact with the surface of the glass, thereby loosening the dirt. Any dirt or dust particles are flushed away by the continuous stream of pure water being applied.

Our Secret Ingredient: Distilled Water!

If you were to read the label on the bottled spring water, you would notice that it contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, chlorides, nitrates, sulphates, bi-carbonates, sodium, potassium and silica etc., and this is NOT ideal for window cleaning.

Tap water also contains several minerals. While the quantity is different from one area to the next, depending on the environment and ground rock strata that rainwater passes through before it reaches our rivers and water storage reservoirs, minerals are always present. By only making use of Pure Water (i.e. water without any minerals) for our cleaning, windows can be left to dry naturally and are left perfectly clean. Pure water aims to return to its natural (dirty) state, which is why pure water automatically absorbs the dirt when applied to windows.

Make Your Commercial Windows Shines

We understand that for most commercial clients, the image of their property is important and that a certain visual standard needs to be maintained – which is why we offer professional window cleaning services that will leave your windows shining. Our services are also extended to the cleaning of skylights and roof windows.

For the best results, we make use of a Water Fed Pole Cleaning (WFPS) system. Our window cleaning services are conducted both indoors and outdoors, and we make use of advanced methods and techniques so as to provide the best results without causing a major inconvenience to our clients. When our team comes to your premises to clean your windows, we bring our own cleaning products and equipment, thereby offering an all-inclusive and convenient service.

See the Difference With Window Cleaning

If you would like to find out more about our window cleaning in Cape Town for your home, office, or retail store, you are welcome to contact us directly.