Looking For Effective Solutions in Mattress Cleaning?


Professional Mattress Cleaning

We spend hours in bed, which is why it is important that your mattress is deep cleaned regularly. Since a mattress is an ideal environment for dust mites and bacteria to thrive in, we at PRO Cleaning Group would recommend that your mattress is cleaned often to avoid such outbreaks. For fast and professional mattress cleaning, you can rely on our team!


Keeping Standards High!

Our mattress cleaning solutions are suitable for domestic and commercial requirements. We are proud members of FEDHASA (The Federated Hospitality Association of South Africa), which means that owners of hospitality establishments can also count on our team to take care of their mattresses to ensure that no guest ever has a bad experience.

With the deep-cleaning techniques we use, we can effectively remove the majority of all stains, trapped dirt, dust and dust mites from mattresses. This also contributes to easily maintaining the necessary and strict hygiene standards set in the hospitality industry.

Why Should You Deep Clean Your Mattress?

When last was your mattress properly cleaned? Dust mites, bed bugs, and other bacteria can live and breed efficiently in a mattress. When we sleep, we shed dead skin and also sweat, which feeds dust mites. Also, with the South African climates, the moisture makes a mattress the ideal breeding ground for mould. Once your mattress is infected, a bed sheet will not prevent these organisms from entering your nose, eyes, or mouth, and for many people, exposure to these organisms causes major allergies. For asthma sufferers, it may also trigger attacks. A dirty mattress can, therefore, hamper your health, which is why it is so important to deep clean your mattress every once in a while, and this is what we offer to do on your behalf.

As part of our mattress cleaning services, we:

Vacuum the mattress with high-power cleaners to get rid of trapped dust, dust mites, bed bugs, etc.

Remove stains with effective cleaning products.

Steam clean the mattress with reliable hot water extraction.

Vacuum the mattress again after steaming.

Leave the mattress to dry!

A lot of people think that simply cleaning and changing your bed sheets every week is sufficient, but experts recommend that a mattress needs to be deep-cleaned every 6 months for a healthier home or hospitality environment.

For superior mattress cleaning services, for your home or your hotel, talk to our team today!