Body corporate contract cleaning


Choose us for specialised Contract Cleaning!

At PRO Cleaning Group, we recognize that each customer is unique in their cleaning needs, and none more so than body corporates. As each site under your care is unique in its complexities, so too are the services that we curate tailored to offer a comprehensive cleaning outcome at every location serviced by our team.

We take great pride in our attention to detail and the reliability of our cleaning teams.  Each team is managed by a supervisor to ensure your every need becomes an integral point of delivery in our service. 


Our cleaning protocols for our body corporate customers include the following

Buildings and common areas

Floors swept, mobbed and scrubbed

Cleaning of windows

Handrails and other touch points

Common area restrooms, topping up of hand soap, toilet paper and hand towels where required

Clearing of refuse to designated areas or refuse rooms

Cleaning and sanitising of refuse bins and refuse rooms

Our services include all labour, supplies and equipment required to offer a comprehensive cleaning service.  Our extended services range includes pest control and hygiene.  Feel free to enquire about how this extensive range of services can enhance the hygiene and cleanliness standards of the properties in your portfolio. 

Our Contract Service Options Include

Daily on-site cleaners

Weekly on-site cleaners

Monthly on-site cleaners

All of our packages are tailored to suit your needs and budget.