24/7 flood extraction services

PRO Cleaning Group offers our clients a PROfessional flood extraction service which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With our specialist  services, clients can limit the amount of damaged caused to their property by letting us get rid of the water mass as soon as possible. Whether you are in need of water extraction due to a burst geyser or a burst pipe, you can count on our professional extraction solutions!

Our teams are trained to clean up any flood damage and we have been providing reliable flood extraction services to clients in the commercial and residential sectors for many years.

We also provide our clients with the following services:

Water Extraction Services

Water extraction involves removing the majority of the water left behind after a flood. This helps to reduce drying time dramatically and prevents secondary water damage and the growth of mould.

It is best to call us immediately for our team to assist you to extract the water in the PROfessional way!

Hiring of Dehumidifiers and Blowers
Our team can assist you with drying your premises by using dehumidifiers and blowers to remove water retained by carpets and building materials.

After water extraction, your floors and walls may look dry to the naked eye, but they will certainly still be wet to the touch. To prevent secondary water damage, it is important that you dehumidify your premises and use blowers (or air movers) to further dry it.

1flood-extraction-image.jpg services

For any water extraction emergencies, you are welcome to contact us, and we will arrange for someone to come out to your property as soon as possible.