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First Impressions Matter…

We believe that in the hospitality industry, it is of paramount importance to continually maintain an environment that is hygienic and appealing, not only to the establishment but to the guests themselves. Therefore, we offer a reliable solution to clients seeking specialists in hospitality cleaning.

At PRO Cleaning Group, we strive to pay close attention to every detail in our workmanship. Our team offers all hospitality-related establishments such as restaurants, bed & and breakfasts, hotels, conference centres, lodges and venues a comprehensive service solution tailored to fit your budget, space and time constraints.


Stay Clean and Compliant

We are proud members of FEDHASA (The Federated Hospitality Association of South Africa). This means that our clients in the hospitality industry can be assured that they will receive the highest possible service from our team.


Cleaning Services To Exceed Your Expectations!


Housekeeping Solutions

Hotels, guest houses and bed & breakfasts mainly consist of accommodation facilities, this is why our PROfessional team of cleaners are able to ensure that your entire establishment is cleaned to your satisfaction. Our housekeeping services ensure everything from carpets and curtains to room inventory and general housekeeping is met.

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Curtain and Blind Cleaning

As with all furnishings, curtains and blinds need to be kept clean and maintained. This can, however, become a problem in the hospitality industry due to the fact that curtains and blinds cannot simply be removed from a room for an extended period of time. We offer a convenient on-site curtain and blind cleaning service, where we clean blinds and curtains as they hang.

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Mattress Cleaning

PRO Cleaning Group offer hotels and other establishments in the hospitality industry frequent deep cleaning of mattresses. With the deep cleaning techniques we use, we are able to effectively remove the majority of all stains, trapped dirt, dust and dust mites from mattresses, helping your establishment maintain high hygiene standards.


Cleaning and Sealing of Paving

Paving contributes a great deal to the aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your establishment. Paving can easily become dull and eroded after years of strenuous use, which will in turn affect the look of your establishment. We offer paving cleaning and sealing to improve appearance whilst maintaining and extending its lifespan.


Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Maintaining carpets and upholstery in the hospitality industry can be a difficult task! At PRO Cleaning Group, we offer our clients a true deep cleaning solution for all carpeting and upholstery. Our PROfessional services limit the damage that may be caused by harmful chemicals and incorrect extraction methods.

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Stripping and Sealing of Floors

In any hospitality establishment that is frequented by guests, it is important to keep floors clean. This will give guests a good impression of your establishment whilst maintaining good hygienic standards. We offer stripping and sealing of floors to thoroughly clean the exposed layer before sealing and buffing it again.

MasterGuard Fabric Protection-8

MasterGuard Fabric Protection

At PRO Cleaning Group, we make use of MasterGuard Fabric Protection’s products. These products are well known for protecting furniture, leather, and wooden furniture against a variety of stains and the sun’s harmful UV rays. Should you require it, we can apply this product to your furniture for protection and to lengthen its lifespan.

Leave The Cleaning to Us!

PRO Cleaning Group is your trusted partner in professional hospitality cleaning. We understand that a spotless environment plays a crucial role in ensuring guest satisfaction and encouraging repeat business. Our dedicated team offers meticulous attention to detail to ensure your space is a haven for guests. Contact PRO Cleaning Group today and discover how we can contribute to your success in the hospitality industry.