ProPest Control in Cape Town and surrounds

We offer a range of pest control services for the eradication of crawling and flying insects, rodents, and more. We understand the need for quick and effective solutions where pest control is concerned, and hence offer our clients in the hospitality industry, commercial industries and residential spaces only the best.

We also strive to not only remove all pests from your premises but ensure that the correct preventative measures are in place so that they don’t return!


What pests can we help you control?

Biting insects
Bed bugs
These pests make themselves at home in anything from bedding to upholstery and wreak havoc with their bites. Bites often also lead to allergic reactions and secondary infections.

Fleas’ fast breeding capabilities makes them hard to eradicate and although they are mainly associated with household pets, they can easily become an issue without them.

Not only do mosquitoes cause a range of annoyance from their buzzing and biting, they also are the cause of the spread of harmful diseases between humans and animals alike.

Spiders are not only scary looking but can be extremely poisonous to humans. Although this may not always be the case, it is important to identify the volume of your issue and the risk they pose.

Flying insects
Honeybees hold a precious resource. Hence, it is important to ensure that removals are done by trained PROfessionals. Our Beekeepers are registered with the Department of Agriculture, WC988.

An increase of wasps in your garden is most likely due to a nearby nest. It is important to safely remove this nest as wasp stings can be painful and cause allergic reactions.

Whether in a household or a public space, fly control is imperative to avoid the spread of dangerous diseases which could pose serious health risks.

Although moths seem relatively harmless, the larvae can cause extensive damage to a range of different fabrics.  Preventing further infestation would be vital to avoid frustrating situations.

Crawling insects
Our climate makes that ants can be a consistent and recurring dilemma. Although these pests are not necessarily dangerous, they can still cause major inconvenience and compromise hygiene.

Where commercial spaces are concerned, fast cockroach control is vital to avoid complete infestation and the spread of compromising health conditions.

Termites can quickly become an issue due to their large colony sizes which can lead to costly damage to the structural integrity of your premises.


Cape Town conditions are the perfect environment for rat infestations. As carriers of harmful diseases such as salmonella, rats can affect both humans and domestic animals.

When untreated, a mice problem can grow to become a large infestation that brings multiple health risks alongside it.

Although the majority of snake species found in Cape Town are harmless, it is still important to keep them away where possible to avoid painful bites and possible poisoning.

As bats are a legally protected species, controlling their arrival to your premises involves the removal of these creatures for proper proofing to take place to prevent their return.

When birds gain access to a premises most find it a nuisance for the damage they cause, though they may also be carrying biting insects that carry diseases that can pose a serious risk to your health.

pest control

How do we eradicate pests?

Depending on what kind of pest is in question we can make use of fogging, fumigation, poisons, and pesticides on a variety of surfaces.

Rules and regulations regarding pest control

Governmental regulations outline the following where the use of pest control is concerned:
Where public or staff are involved, all pest control is to be done through a registered pest control operator, which we are.
All premises that involve food preparation or storage is required to make use of pest control services on a monthly basis, through a registered pest control operator.
Since all pesticides used for pest control are regarded as hazardous, a registered pest control operator is required to follow through with its application process.

When utilising our service, you can be sure that our operators are accredited by the South African Pest Control Association, registered with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries and operate in accordance with Act No. 36 of 1947.