Premium residential cleaning services in Cape Town and surrounds

At PRO Cleaning Specialists we understand the demands of a modern lifestyle, which is why we offer our PROfessional services to the residential sector. Our team is on hand to offer individuals or families the perfect cleaning solution tailor made to suit their exact requirements. So, if you need affordable and reliable residential cleaning services in Cape Town and nearby, contact our team for an all-inclusive quote.

We provide a comprehensive, trustworthy and reliable cleaning service to households on a contract cleaning basis either as a once off service or on a more frequent basis.

Our residential services that we offer include the following:

  • Pre and Post Occupational Cleaning
  • Post Building and Renovation Cleaning
  • Carpet and Loose Rug Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • On-site Blind and Curtain Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Floor and Tile Care
  • MasterGuard Fabric Protection
  • Vehicle Valet Services
  • Window Cleaning
  • Cleaning and Sealing of Paving
cleaning services in Cape Town
Pre and Post Occupational Cleaning
At PRO Cleaning Specialists, we offer both pre and post occupational cleaning services. Our cleaning teams are always professional and work in a timeliness manner in order to maintain the highest quality workmanship. We are able to clean everything from walls to floors, leaving your previous home ready for its new occupants, and your new home ready for you to move in!

Send us your cleaning requirements and we will tailor make your cleaning solution for you!

Post Building and Renovation Cleaning
We all know how building and renovation activities can leave your home in a real mess. That is why we at PRO Cleaning Specialists offer our clients a cleaning service that will ensure your newly built or renovated home is in tip top shape!

We cover all aspects of cleaning that you may require ensuring that your home is up to your standard!

Carpet and Loose Rug Cleaning
At PRO Cleaning Specialists we offer our clients a true deep cleaning solution for all their carpeting and loose rugs.

Carpets and loose rugs are often soiled instantly especially in “high traffic areas”. When it comes to maintaining your carpets and loose rugs it is in your best interest to have it done PROfessionally as this limits the damage that may be caused by harmful chemicals and incorrect extraction methods.

Apart from carpeting we are also able to thoroughly clean any valuable rugs which include Flokati, Timbavati, African and Coir Mat, Persian Carpets, Kelim, Dhurrie and Oriental rugs without damaging them in any way.

Upholstery Cleaning
PRO Cleaning Specialists offer an effective on-site upholstery cleaning service that will leave your upholstery looking as good as new, while at the same time extending its lifespan! We are able to clean most upholstered furniture such as sofas, ottomans and upholstered chairs.
On-site Blind and Curtain Cleaning
PRO Cleaning Specialists understand the difficulty that our clients experience when attempting to clean their curtains or blinds; this is why we offer our clients an on-site blind and cleaning service. We clean blinds and curtains as they hang, making for a convenient and hassle-free service.
Mattress Cleaning
At PRO Cleaning Specialists we offer a deep mattress cleaning service to our clients which will remove all built up dirt and dust mites, leaving mattresses hygienically clean, fresh and looking brand new.

Consider the amount of dirt that is embedded into our mattresses attracting dust mites. In order to maintain good standards of hygiene, it is beneficial to regularly clean your mattresses.

Floor and Tile Care
At PRO Cleaning Specialists we offer our clients complete floor and tile care services.

One would consider tiles and other flooring relatively easy to maintain, however they do require a thorough clean from time to time. A thorough cleaning involves cleaning the grout between tiles, buffing, stripping and sealing of floors.

MasterGuard Fabric Protection
At PRO Cleaning Specialists, we make use of MasterGuard Fabric Protection’s products. We have complete confidence in using this product, as it is well known for protecting furniture, leather, against a variety of stains and the sun’s harmful UV rays.

When requested, we can apply this product to your furniture in order to protect it and extend its lifespan.

Vehicle Valet Services
At PRO Cleaning Specialists we offer a complete mobile vehicle valet service whereby we clean your entire vehicle.

Considering our vehicles are used daily, dirt tends to get in very easily, be it from soiled shoes or spilt food or beverages. Save yourself hassle and contact us to assist you.

Window Cleaning
At PRO Cleaning Specialists, we offer our clients a window cleaning service, even for those hard to reach spots. We make use of specialised equipment to clean high placed windows and cleaning solutions specially formulated for the cleaning of windows.

One does not realise how many windows your home has until you have to clean each and every one! Not only do homes often have a number of windows to clean, they can also be very hard to reach.

Cleaning and Sealing of Paving
PRO Cleaning Specialists offer both cleaning and sealing of paving, helping you maintain your home’s appearance.

Paving contributes a great deal to the aesthetic appeal to the outside of your home. Paving can easily become dull and eroded after years of strenuous use, which will in turn affect the look of your home.

Cleaning and sealing of paving will not only improve its appearance but, it will also help maintain it and extend its lifespan. Sealing is especially helpful, since it curbs the effects of erosion, enhances colour, deters insects and weed growth and helps protect against damage caused by acid rain.


To find out more about our residential cleaning services in Cape Town, you are welcome to contact us either via phone or email.