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Revitalise Your Space With Deep Cleaning

PRO Cleaning Group meets the need for deep cleaning services Cape Town, done professionally and effectively. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best products in service, supported by the best in customer service, whether the job is big or small. We assist clients with the provision and maintenance of various washroom products, such as sanitary bins, sanitisers, liquid soap, paper towel dispensers and more.

Our Cleaning Philosophy!

When it comes to the cleaning and sterilisation of commercial properties, we know just how important the cleanliness of your property is to your brand’s image. We, therefore, offer comprehensive deep cleaning services that include the cleaning of tiles to carpets, windows, and more!

We further strive to ensure our deep cleaning methods are at the forefront of combating the spread of pathogens. To ensure that areas and objects are left clean and disinfected, we use the ‘2-Step’ Cleaning method: Cleaning and disinfecting.  This is why we follow this protocol:

Cleaning does not necessarily kill all germs, but removing them lowers their numbers and, thereby, the risk of spreading infection. It also leaves the area looking clean and free of debris.

Disinfecting does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs, but by killing germs on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.

When you combine both cleaning and disinfecting, you are able to effectively limit the spread of pathogens.

More About Our 2-Step Cleaning Process

Our hygiene cleaning services include a 2-step process to combat the spread of infectious agents in areas and on surfaces.

Step 1: Cleaning

The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Infections (CDC) define cleaning as the removal of unwanted matter, such as soil and contaminants from surfaces and objects. The method of cleaning involves the use of a diluted cleaning solution and the friction from a cleaning action combined. Cleaning aids such as cloths or brushes are used to fulfil the friction part of the combination.

Thorough cleaning, however, should mean that the word removal should be clearly understood. As unwanted debris or dirt is removed, the opportunity for pathogens to form colonies is drastically reduced. The idea of cleaning is to prepare the surface or object for the next step, which is disinfection.

Step 2: Disinfecting

While deep cleaning solutions help to combat colonies of germs via friction, cleaning solutions are not designed to typically kill germs but rather remove debris. This is where disinfection comes into play. Disinfectants are designed specifically to kill germs and help control dangerous pathogens or infectious agents such as listeria, E. coli, streptococcus, norovirus, coronavirus and many more.

This leaves to reason why cleaning and disinfection do not simply happen simultaneously. The only way to effectively clean and disinfect spaces and surfaces is for it to happen separately. This is why our service offering includes the two separate steps of cleaning and then disinfecting.

Cleaning Beyond The Surface

In our efforts to provide safe and hygienic deep cleaning services Cape Town, we also offer a ULV Fogging service. We have added these specialist services to our portfolio in the fight against harmful agents. The process of disinfection and decontamination fogging is suited to residential, commercial and hospitality areas.
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Washroom Services

We offer washroom services that include the supply of quality washroom dispensers as well as the routine replenishment of the consumables found in these units. We also assist with sanitary waste removal for clients in all sectors.

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Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Our team is trained to provide thorough deep cleaning of kitchen and food preparation areas. This service includes the cleaning of all surfaces, as well as kitchen equipment, to leave clients with a space that will meet all necessary hygiene requirements.

Canopy Cleaning

We offer comprehensive canopy cleaning to assist clients in meeting relevant health and safety regulations and avoid potential hazards in their commercial kitchen areas. When requested, we can also provide our clients with a certificate of completion.

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Microbial Fogging (ULV Fogging)

ULV Fogging and Thermal Fogging are suited to commercial applications due to their highly effective nature for combatting infectious agents. It is also a quick and cost-effective solution to ensure your establishment is sufficiently sanitised and disinfected.