Decontamination Cape Town Service Provider

For specialised decontamination Cape Town services, look no further than us! Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team are ready to assist your establishment with the process of decontamination against infectious agents such as COVID-19. If you have had a confirmed case of COVID-19 in your office, school, store, or establishment, you will be required to decontaminate your premises. This is where we can help!

Decontamination can be defined as the process of cleaning and removing contaminants such as harmful infectious agents or micro-organisms from a substance or area. Our fogging service serves as a disinfection and sterilisation means via chemicals that are used in our portable fogging machines.

We offer a decontamination Cape Town fogging service which kills 99.9% of infectious agents including the coronavirus. We offer a ULV fogging method which is known as Ultra-Low Volume misting, which disinfects surfaces, hard to reach areas and spaces. Fogging is highly effective in the elimination of pathogens in order to keep your employees, customers, patients, or learners safe.

Considerations when choosing a decontamination service provider?

Many companies may claim to be professional decontamination experts but if they do not fulfil the following requirements, they may not offer a proper service:
Do they offer a Certificate of Completion when the job has been done?
Are the chemicals they use registered with the NCRS (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications)?
Have the chemicals they use been tested by the relevant authorities? Is it safe to use?
Do they offer ULV or thermal fogging?
Do they quote per square or cubic metre?
Do they have a proven track record or references?
Do they wear proper protective equipment when conducting their services?
It is essential that you only use a professional team when undertaking sterilisation and decontamination. If you require advice on decontamination, fogging or microbiological testing, you are welcome to contact our team.

Furthermore, we offer microbiological or swab testing post fogging as scientific evidence that an area has been properly decontaminated. This gives owners proof that fogging has been done professionally and peace of mind that harmful pathogens have been combatted by the use of proper sterilisation methods.

Our hygiene cleaning services are tailored to each client in order to meet their time and budget constraints, thereby providing a hassle-free and professional service. We understand the needs of each client and do our utmost to accommodate their requirements with as little interference or disruption as possible.

Our hygiene services

We offer the following hygiene cleaning solutions:
Deep Cleaning with our 2-step cleaning and disinfecting process
ULV Fogging
Microbiological or Swab Testing

Our deep cleaning regime consists of a 2-step process which relies on first cleaning and then disinfecting. Cleaning removes unwanted dirt or debris from surfaces or equipment which can give rise to colony forming pathogens. Once we have cleaned, we disinfect by using disinfectants specifically designed to combat micro-organisms which may be harmful or infectious. The cleaning and disinfecting practice are 2 separate activities, as cleaning and disinfecting cannot happen simultaneously.

ULV fogging is typically suited to be used indoors safely for disinfection and pathogen control. The fogging technique is produced by special nozzles that allow fogging or mist to be applied to surfaces and hard to reach areas for complete disinfection or sterilisation. Fogging is typically used by commercial clients in the fight against COVID-19 and other infectious agents.

Microbiological testing is done post cleaning and fogging for commercial clients and proves scientifically that surfaces or areas are properly disinfected. We do swab testing which is sent to a lab to process.

We offer our commercial clients a ULV Fogging and Microbiological Testing service ensuring these specialist services meet their unique needs in the sector. Get in touch with us for an obligation free quote today. We are the PROfessionals who care!