Your cleaning specialists

PRO Cleaning Group is a well-known and established company in the professional cleaning industry in Cape Town. We offer a wide range of  services, suitable for an assortment of properties and requirements. Our team has been active in the cleaning industry for more than 20 years, which means that we have in-depth experience in the thorough cleaning of any kind of commercial or residential properties.

What we offer:

Residential Cleaning
We offer all-inclusive residential cleaning solutions to households in and around Cape Town. Our services can be utilised on a once-off, or on a more frequent basis. It is our aim to take care of all kinds of domestic cleaning requirements, from the cleaning of tiles and carpets, to curtains, upholstery, and mattress cleaning.

Our cleaning teams are experienced, and we make sure to bring all the required products and equipment required to leave your home in a pristine condition. We aim to clean your property thoroughly without causing any inconvenience. For more, please see Residential Cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning

When it comes to the cleaning of commercial properties, we at PRO Cleaning Group know just how important the cleanliness of your property is to your brand’s image. We therefore offer comprehensive cleaning services that include contract cleaning, the cleaning of tiles to windows, and so much more. It is our aim to leave you with a clean and tidy space, ready to impress your customers.

Our commercial cleaning services are available to all kinds of commercial clients, from offices to retail stores, and even schools and other education facilities. For more detail, please see Commercial Cleaning.

Hospitality Cleaning

Since we are fully aware of just how important image is to clients in the hospitality industry, we offer professional cleaning services specifically suited for hotels, guest houses, lodges, B&B’s, etc. By letting us take care of the neatness and cleanliness of your establishment, you can rest assured that your property will always be in top condition.

Our hospitality cleaning services are available on a once-off or contract basis, and we take care of everything from your upholstery and mattresses to your floors and carpets. To find out more, go to Hospitality Cleaning.


To discuss your cleaning requirements with one of our team members, feel free to contact us directly. Alternatively, you can request a quote online.